The Four of Spades Home Destiny Cards

Published: 21st September 2009
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One thing that I have learned in the Cards of Your Destiny is the importance of the 4 of Spades card when it appears in a yearly card reading. Its importance is, of course, related to a particular area. All the Fours represent security and stability in one way or the other. But because it is a Spade, the 4 of Spades is the most powerful of the Fours. And as far as security and stability are concerned, a home is the most powerful manifestation of that. And this is what I have noticed in my spreads and those of my clients. When the 4 of Spades appears, especially in certain situations, it represents the home, often a new home. Since clients often ask questions about buying a home or moving, etc, it is important to know how this destiny card can show up and what it means when it does.

The 4 of Spades is the most stabilizing of all the destiny cards in the deck. For this reason it can also represent getting married. Often, getting married involves the purchase of a home. With the 4 of Spades both things could happen at once, especially if you regard getting married in this way, that is the establishment of a foundation of security and stability, usually for the intent of raising children.

Here is a list of the ways the 4 of Spades can show up and what possible meanings that may have.

1. 4 of Spades Long Range or Result Card - this is one of the most powerful indicators of purchasing a new home or moving to a more desirable home. It is also one of the more powerful indicators of a marriage - to occur by the end of this destiny cards year.

2. 4 of Spades in Venus, especially as the direct card, is an indicator of happy home life, which generally means you have a new home that you really love and are enjoying. This also means happiness and stability in marriage.

3. 4 of Spades in Uranus is a very strong indicator of purchasing a home since Uranus governs real estate.

4. 4 of Spades Environment Card is a symbol of protection and blessings either in the current home or in acquiring a new one. If a client of mine had this and wanted to purchase a new home, I would tell them 'this is the time to do it!'

5. 4 of Spades Pluto Card would most likely mean you really want a home, or a marriage. But are you willing to really do what it takes to get that desire? The Result Card associated with the 4 of Spades Pluto may tell the rest of the story.

6. 4 of Spades in Saturn does not usually pertain to the home, but it could in some situations. If so, it would probably indicate a lot of hard work around the home. This is an overcoming influence however. It helps in health matters and helps overcome any negative influences in the same period.

7. 4 of Spades in Mercury, Mars, Jupiter or Neptune are usually not home related. But never rule it out completely! This card of destiny is so powerful that it could represent buying a new home in any position.

8. 4 of Spades Displacement Card - this could mean you will purchase a home, but really is an indicator that you should focus more of your energy on settling down, getting married or purchasing a home. Maybe you just need to pay more attention to those areas of your life.

With that in mind, if you are planning to purchase a home, look for instances of the 4 of Spades when doing card reading, especially as the direct card in one of the planetary periods of your Birth Card Spread, as a good time to do so.

Ethan Ray Wilson is an article marketing assistant of Robert Lee Camp. Robert is the number one teacher, author, and authority alive today in the realm of card science. He has written over 15 books about this amazing science and has personally performed several thousand card readings for individuals and for businesses and corporations. Get a free reading online and learn more about this card science at

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